You Should Watch This!

Hey Everyone – it looks like the docuseries Elaine and I watched online that got us started on the Ketogenic diet is being replayed in about a week.  Each episode is posted for 24 hours to view it, but it is well worth the time commitment to watch it.  Don’t let the title fool you, because it’s not just about fat and weight loss, but on learning overall lifestyle changes that can transform you health.  I highly recommend it!  Go to this link to register:

Update, Thank You and Continued Prayers

Jack & Mary

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for my birthmother, Mary, and her companion, Jack, following their car accident last Tuesday.  Jack suffered three fractured vertebrae and was released this past weekend to a rehab facility.

Mary had surgery last Wednesday for a broken pelvis on her left side.  She then had surgery this past Monday for a broken knee cap and femur on her right leg.  My aunt Cinde has been so good to keep me posted on everything, and both surgeries went well.  However, the challenge is that she will not be able to stand on either leg for a while.  The doctor has indicated this can easily be a nine month recovery period!

The past several days have brought the challenge of finding a suitable acute care rehab facility for her to be discharged to.  Without going into all the options and difficulties, let me just say that Cinde called this morning asking for prayers that Mary would be admitted to a facility that they just located last night, which is close to their home and has excellent care.   She was being discharged this morning and if this facility couldn’t take her, she would end up much farther away.  Thankfully, Cinde called back shortly, elated to say that Mary was accepted to the nearby facility and is in route as I type.  She is expected to be in rehab for 2-3 weeks, then discharged to their home, where Cinde will have to take over her care for the duration of her recovery.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers.  As you can imagine, there is still a long road ahead for both of them with many details and difficulties.  But we know and have already seen God’s great mercy and faithfulness in answer to your prayers!

Prayers Appreciated

I just learned today that my birthmother, Mary, and her 91 year old “boyfriend” of over 25 years, were in a serious car accident yesterday.  She was bringing him home from a doctor’s appointment, when a car broadsided her driver’s side door.  VERY thankfully, they are both alive and neither of them suffered internal organ injuries.  However, she has a broken pelvis and leg that will require surgery, and he has some fractures as well.

My aunt Cinde called me with the news and is trying to organize and figure out how to manage things going forward.  Jack lives 3 hours from my birthmother and Cinde’s home, and they were down at his residence and are hospitalized in that area.  Mary is a primary care giver for Jack, so this is going to be a long road of recovery with many obstacles and complicated parts.

And of course I sit here feeling very concerned and helpless. 😦

Prayers of healing for Mary and Jack and wisdom and strength for Cinde as she navigates the challenging weeks ahead are very much appreciated.

Are You There?

I have several followers of my blog via email, as well as an unknown number that check in every so often.  But I know that everyone who is receiving my blog isn’t necessarily still reading (in fact, some friends whose email is subscribed, have now gone to be with Jesus).

So just for fun, I thought I’d post another simple survey, to find out just how many are still out there reading – either by email or occasional drop in.  So if you are reading this post, please mark one of the answers and let me know!  (Your answers are anonymous – I still won’t know who you are.)

Make sure you press the vote button after marking your answer or it will not record.

I’m Famous!

This is probably one of the oddest blog posts I’ve ever written – because it is about my own blog!

WordPress gives me the ability to view several anonymous statistics about my blog.  Things such as how many views (apart from my subscribers) of pages or posts I have had each day; what countries are represented; if any search engines found me (although Google searches are marked “Unknown search terms”); etc.  Following is a list of countries that have visited my blog over the past two years:

United States
United Kingdom
European Union
South Korea
South Africa
St. Kitts & Nevis

Interestingly enough, my most popular over all post has been “Name That Fruit.”  It has been found by people all over the world and now consistently gets “hits” weekly (last tally was 131 since it was published).   So I finally decided to just Google “ovo fruit” and see how it came up and here is what I got:

Search results

Yes, that is my blog – third listing from the top.  But the very first image is my wonderful photograph of various ripening stages and the pit.

So there you have it – if you really want people to find your blog, just write about something innocuous like fruit!

Survey Results

Thanks to all those who took the time to complete my blog survey and give feedback.  Of those who responded, here are a few highlight statistics:

  • 92% of you receive my blog via email;
  • 87% have followed “The JOURNEY” since the beginning;
  • 58% consider me a “great friend” (Awww – 🙂 )  But a few of you have no clue who I am – I love that!
  • 48% have shared posts via email, Facebook or your own blog (thank you!);
  • 86% have read everything I’ve written (I’m honored!);
  • 50% say something I’ve written has caused them to think or act differently;
  • and the overall LEAST favorite thing has been that sometimes my posts are too long (but of course, if you know me well, you know it is difficult for me to be a woman of few words!)

One of the things God told me from early on in regards to my “assignment” was that I would write.  It was a while before I realized a blog would be my venue (but was inspired by some of you who have gone before me in that arena).  In all honesty, I can remember my 2nd grade teacher laughing at how prolific I was with words in my writing assignments, even back then (and I actually found some of those papers while cleaning out all the things my mother had saved, as I was preparing to move here).  I had not done any writing to speak of since my school days, but I have been reminded of the love of it that was in me, even from a young age.

If you still haven’t completed the survey, it’s not too late and I would be very grateful if you would – just click here to go to the survey page.

I appreciate all your feedback and patronage and will endeavor to continue to keep you informed and inspired to the best of my ability!

And The Survey Says…

Well, this is really a post for the sake of my curiosity.  I thought it might be fun to do a survey and find out a little about my “silent majority” readers.  So if you are reading this, would you be so kind as to take a few moments to fill out my survey?  I would really appreciate it!  Your results will be anonymous, even to me – I will only see the collective statistics.  So please give me your honest blog feedback.

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Thank you so much for completing my blog survey!