Powerful In Any Language

Recently, my long-time and dear friend, Deanna, resurrected a challenge that she made to me 5 years ago – for us to join together in memorizing a beloved Bible chapter in Spanish.  This same dear friend made a profound impact on my life many more years ago.  At that time, I was reading the Bible almost daily, but using various published topic based books and studies.  She challenged me to just read the Word with no specific study agenda, and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me through it what He wanted to teach me.  As a result, my life has never been the same.  Although I tried many times previously to read the Bible through in a year, I always fell off.  But I then devised a way to break it up in easy to process sections, with breaks to give time to catch up if I got behind.  As a result, I’ve read through the entire Bible many times since then and have learned so much more just letting God teach me through reading His whole word and not just bits and parts.

When I first moved here 5 years ago, Deanna suggested we memorize Psalm 27 together in Spanish.  She knew this was a beloved chapter for me for so many reasons, and I had memorized it in English many years earlier.  I started trying, but just could not get myself through it.  Looking back, I think it’s because I was so overwhelmed at the time trying to learn so many other new things, that my brain just could not add one more.  Also, being so unfamiliar with the language, few of the words and grammar made any sense to me, so it was like trying to memorize sounds with no meaning.

But not long ago, Deanna asked if I wanted to give it a try again.  I agreed and we each chose the version we wanted to use.  I chose the NVI (Nueva Versión Internacional), because I had learned it in English in the NIV (New International Version).  She decided to join me in using the same version.  Memorization has never come easily for me.  It takes a lot of effort, but I know it’s well worth the effects once I’ve finally “hidden the Word in my heart.” (Psalm 119:11)  It was easier this time, now that I have a better grasp of the Spanish language.  Also, it taught me some new words in Spanish and really helped me work on my “I will” and “He/She will” verb conjugations. 😉

So without further ado, here is Psalm 27, recited by me, by heart, in Spanish (and my friend, Luis, told me it was perfect!).  The English translation is written below the video.  The Spanish NVI wording is a little different than the actual English NIV version, so I translated the Spanish version, so you can better understand it.  (And Truman, my friend, this one especially is for you ☺️!)

Psalm 27

1 The Lord is my light and my salvation;
     Who will I fear?
The Lord is the bulwark of my life;
     Who can intimidate me?
2 When the wicked advance against me
     to devour my flesh,
when my enemies and adversaries attack me,
     it is they who stumble and fall.
3 Even when an army besieges me,
     my heart will not fear;
even when a war breaks out against me,
     I will maintain the confidence.
4 One thing I ask of the Lord,
     and it's the only thing I pursue:
to live in the house of the Lord
     all the days of my life,
to contemplate the beauty of the Lord
     and recreate myself in His temple.
5 Because in the day of affliction
     He will guard me in his dwelling;
under the shelter of his tabernacle He will protect me,
     and He will put me on high, on a rock.
6 He will make me prevail
     in front of the enemies that surround me;
I will offer sacrifices of praise in His temple
     and I will sing psalms to the Lord.
7 Hear, O Lord, my voice when I cry to you;
     Take pity on me and answer me.
8 The heart tells me: "Seek his face!"
     And I, Lord, your face I seek.
9 Do not hide from me;
     do not reject, in your anger, this servant of yours,
     because you have been my help.
Do not desert me or abandon me,
     God of my salvation.
10 Even if my father and mother abandon me,
     The Lord will receive me in His arms.
11 Guide me, Lord, in your way;
     direct me on the path of righteousness,
     because of those who lie in wait for me.
12 Do not give me over to the whim of my adversaries,
     for false witnesses rise up against me
     that breathe violence.
13 But one thing I'm sure of:
     I have to see the goodness of the Lord
     in this land of the living.
14 Put your hope in the Lord;
     have courage, take cheer;
     Put your hope in the Lord!

11 thoughts on “Powerful In Any Language

  1. I’m more than impressed with what you have accomplished. Five years and you are so fluent in Spanish. If been here in Ajijic for 14 years and hardly ever speak Spanish. Well, so many here speak English I’ve not been forced to learn.
    Happy Christmas my dear friend!

    • I’m far from fluent – it’s taken a lot of work on my part and I’ll always be learning more. There are some who have been here as long or longer than me and haven’t really learned to speak it either. It takes effort and work, but is so worth it. Plus, they say learning another language is one of the best things for brain health. 😉

  2. Wow, my Friend, thanks for remembering me and our HOP days! Psalm 27…it’s the One Thing! So proud of you hiding His word in your corazon! Love you.

  3. Oh Fabulous!! This is so encouraging to me, I think I will challenge myself to do this when I am back in Mexico in Jan. I am still battling so much with my Spanish. You are an inspiration my dear friend.

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