Update, Thank You and Continued Prayers

Jack & Mary

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for my birthmother, Mary, and her companion, Jack, following their car accident last Tuesday.  Jack suffered three fractured vertebrae and was released this past weekend to a rehab facility.

Mary had surgery last Wednesday for a broken pelvis on her left side.  She then had surgery this past Monday for a broken knee cap and femur on her right leg.  My aunt Cinde has been so good to keep me posted on everything, and both surgeries went well.  However, the challenge is that she will not be able to stand on either leg for a while.  The doctor has indicated this can easily be a nine month recovery period!

The past several days have brought the challenge of finding a suitable acute care rehab facility for her to be discharged to.  Without going into all the options and difficulties, let me just say that Cinde called this morning asking for prayers that Mary would be admitted to a facility that they just located last night, which is close to their home and has excellent care.   She was being discharged this morning and if this facility couldn’t take her, she would end up much farther away.  Thankfully, Cinde called back shortly, elated to say that Mary was accepted to the nearby facility and is in route as I type.  She is expected to be in rehab for 2-3 weeks, then discharged to their home, where Cinde will have to take over her care for the duration of her recovery.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers.  As you can imagine, there is still a long road ahead for both of them with many details and difficulties.  But we know and have already seen God’s great mercy and faithfulness in answer to your prayers!

3 thoughts on “Update, Thank You and Continued Prayers

  1. You know, Mary, that our journey here is to experience the limitations of being human, but, when we have that experience of being human, what carries us through is the absolute fact we are spiritual with all the incredible love and energy our spirit brings to us. May your birth mother and companion continue to heal completely because of the loving spirit we share and lovingly give to them.

    Thank you for keeping us updated. She is an amazing woman and because of this we understand more completely why you are the loving and beautiful spirit you share with us.

    Hugs, Jane


  2. My goodness, I thought you said they weren’t hurt! That sounds like they were for sure. I do pray they will both recover. Deena

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