Prayers Appreciated

I just learned today that my birthmother, Mary, and her 91 year old “boyfriend” of over 25 years, were in a serious car accident yesterday.  She was bringing him home from a doctor’s appointment, when a car broadsided her driver’s side door.  VERY thankfully, they are both alive and neither of them suffered internal organ injuries.  However, she has a broken pelvis and leg that will require surgery, and he has some fractures as well.

My aunt Cinde called me with the news and is trying to organize and figure out how to manage things going forward.  Jack lives 3 hours from my birthmother and Cinde’s home, and they were down at his residence and are hospitalized in that area.  Mary is a primary care giver for Jack, so this is going to be a long road of recovery with many obstacles and complicated parts.

And of course I sit here feeling very concerned and helpless. 😦

Prayers of healing for Mary and Jack and wisdom and strength for Cinde as she navigates the challenging weeks ahead are very much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Prayers Appreciated

  1. Mary, of course! What a horrible, horrible experience for them to overcome. The broken bones at your mother’s age are very serious and everyone involved – victims and caregivers – are going to be under so much stress. I find it much easier to pray here, as I look out over this beautiful location in my life and I will be praying for them regularly throughout the day. Please keep us informed.

    Hugs, Jane


  2. Mary I just saw this and I pray many many prayers for your mom and her friend hope everything goes great for both of them. Love you

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  3. A very difficult situation at their age. I called Chuck and got more details. He said Mary had told Cinde not to bother folks & your note is how he found out. We will put them in prayer and I will get in touch with Cinde but not bother Mary until she is past the surgery next week. Thanks much for the posting and be blessed yourself. Love to you…John and Jean

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