Ho Ho Ho!

This week, my good friends, Bill & Elaine, had a few of us over for brunch.  Every so often, they host a gathering of the “old gang” – me, Sam and Mesfin, our former neighbors from when Bill, Elaine and I had first arrived here, and we were renting across the street and next door from them respectively.

Several weeks ago, I was shopping with Elaine and found one of those cheap, reindeer headbands.  I told her I was going to buy it for Tag and she said, “He won’t wear it,” and I said, “He just has to keep it on long enough for me to get a picture.”

So below you will see (with Elaine’s assistance), Tag the reindeer:

Tag reindeer

They are also fostering a little stray puppy that they are keeping until some people, who are moving to their development next month, arrive from Canada and adopt him.  So here is little Pumba in big brother Tag’s reindeer gear:

Pumba reindeer

And finally, in the spirit of the season, it seemed fitting for the rest of us to get into the act as well.  So there you have it folks – now all we need is a sleigh!


4 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho!

  1. Fun,Fun and more fun!

    We have several of those same reindeer headbands for our labs. I am happy that you are having a festive time end enjoying your friends from near and far.

    Love to you,

    Elisabeth and boys (ok.. young gentlemen)!

  2. Mary,
    Peaceful Holidays to you! Mama and I read your blog and think of you often. Come and visit any or all of us anytime; we would love to see you, Anita and Aunt Dora.
    PS Please pray for Karla? Is it all right to ask?


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