A Holiday In Ecuador

This week is a big holiday week here in Ecuador.  The actual holidays fell on Wednesday and Thursday, but many people take the rest of the days and weekend after and make it a long one.  These kinds of holidays make shopping, bus travel, etc. crazy, and they flood our little sleepy beach town with tourists flocking from the cities to take advantage of the surf and sun.  It’s times like these I’m grateful that I live on the outskirts of our village, and not more in town (like my good friend, Teresa, who said a bunch of people showed up at the vacation home next to her on Thursday, and have been outside talking, laughing and playing loud music ever since).  All these things combined always make me plan ahead to just “hunker down” and stay home until the revelry has passed.

But one of my friends here, Kelley, decided she would venture out on the first of the two holidays, to learn a little more about the culture and customs of this event.  Known to most of us here as “The Day of the Dead,” but literally translated “The Day of the Deceased,” this day, commonly known as “All Souls Day” follows “All Saints Day” as a day to gather and remember loved ones who have passed on.  Here it is a big event, where people flood the cemeteries, gather around the graves, tell stories, share food and drink, and in general remember and honor their loved ones.

Kelley and some other friends (one who is Ecuadorian) went to two different cemeteries to witness the customs of this event.  I encourage you to click the link below to check out her blog post, with a full description and pictures of what she experienced.  It now makes me wish we all celebrated this holiday in the U.S.

On a whim, I grabbed a couple of friends and drove to a nearby cemetery to find out what this holiday is all about.  I knew from previously living in California that Dia De Los Muertes is a holiday…

Source: Día De Los Difuntos

One thought on “A Holiday In Ecuador

  1. I totally get it! They love the holiday here. People take off and the flowers that are sold along with food and drink are unbelievable. I don’t participate, many of my friends do.

    I have tried for the first time to vote from mx. What a time it has been! All total I think I’ve voted with help from the Dallas count head person, Pat, six times. It would have been so much easier and less stressful to have gone back.

    Girl, I don’t want to be in the states, just like you. It’s hard to believe we have gone down so far to the bottom.

    Whatever happens happens! It’s all in God’s hands!

    Take care,


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