I Know That I Know That I Know

I’ve been pretty busy lately.  But yesterday afternoon, the full day of plans I’d made with friends for today was cancelled, and I found myself with a blank slate.  Before going to bed last night, I checked the tide chart to see that low tide would correspond with a long overdue morning beach walk.  When I awoke, we had our gray clouds that are typical this time of year, with an ever so slight mist.  At the last minute, I decided maybe a windbreaker jacket was in order, so I put that on over my t-shirt and workout pants and headed out, determined to enjoy my nature walk.

But about halfway into my excursion and praise music, I began getting a solid spitting rain on my face.  I looked up to realize that a fog had moved in and now almost totally blocked my view of the mountains ahead and beside me.  Suddenly all the familiar scenery disappeared, and I was left with only what was in my most immediate vicinity.

Just about that time a song began playing, and I quickly sensed a spiritual correlation to what I was experiencing.  I realized that just as the fog had suddenly moved in and obscured what was all around me, there is currently a fog of chaos and confusion rapidly descending on the world all around us.  More and more people are beginning to recognize that the “signs of the times” are hurling us towards the end of this age.  Although it was prophesied in the Bible that these things would continue to escalate, in the midst of them, it is easy to lose sight of what was once so familiar to us.  But despite the troubled and uncertain times we are living in, we need to keep this one truth always anchored in our hearts and minds…

3 thoughts on “I Know That I Know That I Know

  1. Oh how i love this post! Especially the ending message! He runs to the weary! So true. I’m experiencing that today and yesterday!!

    Love you, Mary! Your faith is a big encouragement to me!



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