There She Blows!

Yesterday, I finally got an opportunity for a long awaited “do-over.”  It’s whale watching season here in Ecuador and in the nearly three years I’ve lived here, I’d only been on one whale excursion.  That one was two years ago with Robert, when he returned in July (during the time I later learned from his brother, it was his intention to come here to die).  He had returned longing to see the whales and we had booked an excursion straight away.  But by the time the day arrived, he was in such a “bad place,” that he hardly even spoke to me the whole day and slept through much of the time on the boat.  In addition, it was a cold, dreary day, and we hardly saw any whales.  The few pictures I got for my blog post (a month later after he’d left) were from him – none of mine came out.

So when Bill & Elaine came back from Canada early enough this year to be here for whale season, I was thrilled for the opportunity to take a tour with them.  We had all (including Robert) gone on the island tour together in our first few months here, and it was such a special day.  It was so fitting to be with them for another tour that could erase the disappointment of the last one I took.

Our mutual friends Kelley and Teresa joined us for the day.  My advance prayers for beautiful weather, calmer waters (no white caps) and lots of whales were all granted – we could not have asked for a more perfect day!  We started out by having breakfast in Puerto Lopez before our excursion and ran into some of our friends from Cayo at the restaurant.  Afterwards, we headed off to check in at the tour office, and then to the pier to board our boat.  The five of us were the token “gringos” on the trip – the rest of the boat was filled with Ecuadorian families.  After going to one spot and not seeing much, they took us to another location where some other boats were and there, we really got to see some action.  Two whales in particular kept coming right up to our boat!

Below are a few pictures and some highlight video of the best observations of the day.  Please note, I had no zoom on my photos/video – the whales really were that close!

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3 thoughts on “There She Blows!

  1. I remember sea kayaking among humpbacks when I was Supt. of Glacier Bay National Park in AK., a great part of my National Park Service Career. It is a wonderful event to be among whales.

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