A Few Updates

Life here for me has been going along pretty routinely, as life tends to do.  But here are a few highlights of the past month:

Me with my sweet friend Fatima. In addition to being a wonderful friend, she cleans a great house and gives a mean massage too!

Me with my sweet friend Fatima this past Christmas

I’ve briefly mentioned a few times my dear friend, Fatima.  She is one of my favorite people here, but pretty much everyone else would easily say the same.  Everyone loves Fatima!  In addition, she gives a great massage and cleans a mean house, both of which she does for me once a month.  When she started doing so, she didn’t have many other customers.   But I can’t keep a good thing to myself, so now she has about as much business as she can handle.  Anyway, when I found out her upcoming birthday was going to be the big 50, I just had to plan a surprise party for her, so that everyone would have a chance to show her how much we love and appreciate her.  We held it at the hotel restaurant next door (which has become the regular ex-pat hang out) and had a crowd of around 30.  It took three weeks of planning and scheming, but she was sufficiently surprised and deeply touched by the turnout.  We told people they could gift her with 50 of something and my gift was 50 roses (in Ecuador, $24 complete with vase!)

Fatima with her 50 roses that I gave for her birthday

Fatima with her 50 roses that I gave for her birthday

We are full swing into our whale season and despite everyone telling me of plenty of sightings, I hadn’t seen any.  So yesterday I finally took the time to sit on my deck until I spotted some and it didn’t take long.  With my binoculars, I saw plenty of action, including two big ones making repeated jumps out of the water and huge splashes.  It was a pretty cool way to spend a not so busy “bee call” day.  I plan on going on another whale watching excursion next month.

And finally, after only a 10 week absence (verses their previous 8 and 6 months respectively), my good friends Bill and Elaine returned earlier this past week and are back to stay for 9 months.  I went out to visit on Wednesday and had a wonderful dinner and catch up time with them, and also enjoyed a Sunday brunch and card game, along with Fatima and some other friends, at the restaurant next door this afternoon.  Sadly, I missed this year’s “Tag reunion.”  I had planned to go out to their home and meet them when they returned.  But their scheduled 9:00 p.m. arrival was going to be delayed until after midnight because their bags missed their flight.  So I made the hard decision not to deal with the complicated logistics to be there.  The sweet couple we found to house and dog sit during their absence, graciously filmed the brief reunion.  So for those who don’t want to miss number three in the series, here you go:

There’s been plenty of other work, social gatherings and drama to fill the time, but that pretty much gives you the positive highlights for my month of July.  Hello August!

One thought on “A Few Updates

  1. Hi Mary!

    Thanks for sharing your recent delights. Please give Fatima my love and belated birthday wishes for her fabulous 50th! Tell her I will do a prayer-meditation for her sending her 50 specific blessings her way. Not sure if you are on my emailing list or “follower” to my blog but you may have noticed I made a new post Friday.

    Love & Bright Blessings to You ~

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