Let’s Talk About The Weather

Deck view

Lest you think this is always my weather…

This post is for all my dear friends, who are suffering through another heat filled summer in my hometown of Dallas, TX.

Now that I live just south of the equator, I am currently in winter here.  What that really means is that we’ve dropped from our average daily summer temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, to an average daily winter temperature of 75 degrees.  But don’t let those numbers fool you, because right now it is sometimes chilly and other times downright COLD!  I thought people were crazy when they talked about needing warm clothes here, until I experienced my first July/August in Puerto Cayo.  The thermometer may say one thing, but the chilled, moist wind coming off the ocean, coupled with mostly cloudy days, makes it easily feel more like the lower 60’s and even at times the 50’s.  I’m actually wearing sweats as I type this and a few evenings ago, I even had to pull up my heavy comforter in the middle of the night – brrrr!

...this morning, this was my beach walk view.

…this morning, this was my beach walk view.

Most mornings this time of year start out with a cloudy, drizzly, spitty rain.  Then it clears off and is anything from a slightly cool breeze to a downright cold wind.  But so far, every 3-4 days we get to see a bit of sun, and this past Sunday was gorgeous, breezy, blue sky and sunshine all day.

I’m really glad to have a little weather that makes me want to bundle up, wear cozy socks and drink hot tea.  But after our usual four to five months of this, by November I’m really ready to start seeing more sun again.  However, I will gladly take this weather over the sweltering 100+ degree Dallas heat for the rest of my life!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Weather

  1. Hi !!! It’s 9:15 thinking about bed time but just saw your new post wanted to say my house is 72 degrees for a price ( LOL ) and I can step outside and have a hot drink just breathing. Love you.

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  2. This is our rainy season. It rains at night and is pretty in the daytime hours. The mountains turn green from brown in a week. They are so beautiful again. It still get to 80s. Our cold weather months are last part on November until maybe January. Like you, I don’t miss the hot weather in Dallas each summer or the cold, rain and sometimes snow in winter. Life is good for us, girlfriend! Keep enjoying you life as you are…I intend to. Hugs to you, Deena

  3. Glad you are enjoying winter! 🙂 Wished we had your temps!!!! Been thinking of you. Hope you are well. Vicki 🙂

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