So this afternoon, my friend Kelley and I went to Puerto Lopez to do some shopping and have dinner.  We stopped in my favorite little grocery store there to pick up a few things.  I went through the checkout while she was still shopping, and while waiting for her at the front of the store, I looked over and saw something on the floor beside one of the unmanned check out aisles.  Definitely not something you’d see in a grocery store in the U.S.:

This little guy was totally out!  Just after I took these pictures, a store clerk walked by and scooted him out of the way under the counter with her foot.  He woke up a few minutes after and scooted himself back out into the aisle.  All the people walking by didn’t disturb him in the least – he’d found his perfect siesta spot!

2 thoughts on “Siesta!

  1. So cute.

    How are you?

    Please keep Ali and his mom in your prayers. His mom (Gerrie) is on her death bed and it is only a matter of time now before Jesus comes to fetch her. She has secondary cancer of the liver and kidneys. Ali, although he knows we are to rejoice and he is, he is still sad naturally.

    Take care and please give Segrid big hug when you see her again.

    In Christ always


  2. Little dog loves being in the middles of people shopping. He is paying attention. I say he is a guard dog. Laughing here.

    You wouldn’t see this in the Big Box Grocery stores in the us because they are all so big and so busy. Maybe a little store in a tiny little town maybe in the Smoky Mountains or the Cascades. Really, a Mom and Pop store.

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