Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, but I’ve had several things that have been occupying my time.  However, here are a few random updates.

After a long time coming, I finally installed a Wifi booster that enables me to get internet up on my deck!  This allows me to spend a lot more time up there, and even answer my bee calls through the Vonage extensions app on my iPhone (my cordless phone range won’t quite reach).  So here is my view while slaving away at the office:

Deck view

Second, I finally tackled getting my earthquake damage repaired, so I’ve had workers here over the past week replacing the glass blocks in my showers (the ones in my guest bath were also loose and had to be taken down and totally rebuilt), in addition to repairing some places that were damaged on my fence.  They were not able to find any place to purchase only the tank for my toilet, so I will still need to buy a whole new one. 😦  But I’m thankful to have these other repairs behind me.

And lastly, yesterday I finally picked up Nadine’s photo from the framer’s.  A big thanks to my good friend, Andrew, for helping me format it for print.  It was no small feat to get it printed and framed here, especially with an earthquake interrupting the process, but I’m thrilled with the finished result:


One thought on “Finally!

  1. Wow, Mary, what a view from your deck!! It is beautiful! God is so near you and with you at every turn in the road! You are a brave one to launch out to Ecuador, but I know you know that God has carried you the entire time and continues to show himself to you, just as your blog theme verse states! I love that verse! I feel that you are a forerunner in the true sense of the word, the biblical sense of the word. Blessings to you, and safe keeping in your precious world!

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