More Fruit

Well, I am very thankful to say that I have nothing more interesting to write about this week than fruit!  As I’ve mentioned before, my first fruit post on the Ovo made me famous – it’s by far my most popular blog post, with Google search hits from around the globe.  I also introduced you to the Granadilla.  And it’s not that I haven’t continued to discover more new and exotic (at least for me) fruits here, but there just always seems to be something more important to write about.


Cherimoya is my new favorite fruit!

But this week, I am very grateful to share with you what my fruit and veggie truck driver introduced me to recently – Cherimoya.  This fruit is another of the ones you look at and wonder who was ever brave enough to take the first bite.  But whoever it was, was oh so pleasantly surprised – it has now topped the list as my favorite fruit!

According to Wikipedia, Mark Twain called Cherimoya “the most delicious fruit known to man,” and I would have to agree.  To look at, it does not appear appetizing at all.  But pull apart the pods, and bite off some of the creamy flesh (that easily detaches from the seed, which you spit out) and my first description was, “It’s like eating coconut cream pie, without the coconut!”  Indeed, when I looked it up online, the description said that its nickname is the “custard apple.”

The fruit is thought to have originated in my very area (Ecuador, Columbia and Peru), but has since been cultivated in various other places around the world.  Apparently there are several different varieties and its taste and texture differ, depending on how ripe it is when you eat it.  Mine was extremely “maduro,” which gave it the most creamy, sweet, custardy flavor – I cannot imagine eating it any other way!

When I first sent a picture of it to my friend/bee technician, Jefferson, to ask if he knew the fruit, he said, “I hate you – that is my favorite fruit in Brazil!”  He said occasionally he can find it in Chinese markets in the states, but it is about $13 for one – I paid $1 for three!

The day I bought them, I ate one and put the other two in the fridge.  That barely lasted an hour, before I pulled them out and ate the rest as well.  I think if I had a whole barrel of them, I couldn’t stop eating them until the last one was gone!

One thought on “More Fruit

  1. Lol – I only know about Cherimoya from watching Chopped on the cooking network. Looks soooo weird! I am so happy it taste better than the looks!
    Miss you!
    Can you believe, Gavin will graduate Highschool this Sunday! Our little home church boy is all grown up!
    Love you!

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