Fundraising Update

Thank you so much to those of you who have given so generously to help my friend Edwin buy a vehicle that can put him back to work.  If you did not read my previous post, Edwin’s car, that I rode in just a few days prior to the earthquake, was his source of income and was totally destroyed.  Thanks to so many, we reached the fundraising goal we had set.  However, in all honesty, we set a bare minimum achievable goal.  Continuing to raise money will ensure we can fully fund a good, reliable replacement vehicle for Edwin.  In addition, anything raised beyond what is needed for that, will go towards helping some of Edwin’s clients get back on their feet with their businesses, so everyone can start being productive again.

You can trust that my friend Sigrid, who was formerly a non-profit fundraiser back in the U.S., has all the proper plans in place to make sure the money is used for exactly what it’s meant for.  So please, our campaign will remain open until next Wednesday, May 4.  If you haven’t given already, every little bit will go towards helping Edwin and others quickly get back to leading productive lives again.  Just click on the image below to go to our GoFundMe site to give, and please share it on your own social media sites as well – THANK YOU!

Help Edwin

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