I’m OK

I don’t know if the news reported the earthquake I was just in the middle of, but I want you to know I’m OK. We are in crises with no power and limited cell coverage.  My glass blocks in my bathroom fell and busted my toilet, flooding my bedroom before I could shut water off.  I got under my desk as things started shaking and just before things started crashing and breaking.  It took me a while to find Charcoal and she is very scared but OK.  Please don’t expect me to respond to messages because I don’t know when I will have power again and we are waiting to daylight to deal with things.  But I’m OK and never was afraid.  Prayed all the way through it and knew I’d be OK.  I will update when I can.  Please keep us in your prayers.  

6 thoughts on “I’m OK

  1. My dear friend Praise God you are okay.. Watch the ocean for the next few days! Are Jim and Jane okay? Take care xx

  2. Oh my goodness! Glad to know that you and Charcoal are safe. Lifting up prayers for you and your neighbors and country!

  3. So thankful you are alright!!! Thank you for this report, Mary. God bless you with all you need, internally and externally, as you get your house repaired and help many who who will need help. Much love to you and thankful prayers to God for your safety.

  4. So glad you’re ok Mary! (Charcoal too!) Praying for you, your friends and neighbors, and the country. I know God will provide for you and that you’ll be an encouragement to many.

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