My friends, Ali & Aileen, are in Cozumel, Mexico with their youngest daughter, who just gave birth to her first child (a little girl named Maya).  I’ve been following Aileen’s blog and reading about their adventures there, but the other day, I finally clicked one of several links referencing her daughter’s Facebook photography page.  Both Nadine and her husband are incredible photographers, who met while working together for Carnival cruise line.  Aileen had shown me some of Nadine’s work while she was here, and I was indeed impressed with her amazing eye and style.  But the other day, when I finally looked at her website, I came across this photo (which I share here with her permission):

He is coming!

I was so incredibly moved by this picture and the more I look at it, the more I am moved!  I messaged it to a few friends and their collective comment was, “Wow!”  I emailed Aileen and she put me in touch with Nadine, who shared the background story with me (slightly edited here for clarity):

The story to this is very simple.
My husband and I were in Bridgetown, Barbados in December for work visas around Christmas time. We took a walk down the beach road and we saw this women praying by herself (absolutely no one around her).  The more the clouds grew stronger and more angry, the more my husband and I just sat and watched her… truly a beautiful site.
Nature shot, not posed or anything.

Wow!  I have pondered this picture much over the past several days.  Who is this woman, dressed like a bride, praying alone on a beach in the midst of an impending storm?  I can only conclude she is one of the many “obscure” people all over the earth who are doing the same – waiting and praying, anticipating the return of their Bridegroom in the midst of the impending storm.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us this glimpse of your Kingdom through Nadine’s eyes.  Indeed, He is coming – Come, Lord Jesus!

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