Mucho Trabajo!

As reported in my post The “A” Team, my new friends, Ali & Aileen, stayed with me for three weeks to help me get some much needed work done around my house.  They literally hit the ground running and knocked out much more off my list than I anticipated they would be able to do.  Not only that, but they completed several other projects that weren’t even on my list (including repairing a leaky toilet in my bathroom).  Here is a link to Aileen’s blog post where she details (including pictures) much of the work they did for me:  “Hello Again Mary”


In addition to their hard work, we spent a few shopping days in Manta together, Aileen and I enjoyed a few movie nights (on my computer) and they introduced me to some of their South African cooking, as well as taught me how to make popcorn on my stove (I know that sounds pathetic, but I never knew how).  We also shared times of varied conversations and prayer, and took communion together each Sunday.  They left this past week to journey on to Cozumel, Mexico, where their youngest daughter is due to give birth to her first child (number six grandchild I believe).  But their long-term prayerful hope is to work towards obtaining an Ecuadorian residency visa (no easy task, I can assure you!) and return to be the full-time resident caretakers for my housing development.  They, like I, truly feel the Lord brought them here by no accident and want to be faithful to follow His lead and be used for whatever purposes He may have for them here.

So until we meet again, whenever and wherever that might be, vaya con Dios my friends!

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