Are You There?

I have several followers of my blog via email, as well as an unknown number that check in every so often.  But I know that everyone who is receiving my blog isn’t necessarily still reading (in fact, some friends whose email is subscribed, have now gone to be with Jesus).

So just for fun, I thought I’d post another simple survey, to find out just how many are still out there reading – either by email or occasional drop in.  So if you are reading this post, please mark one of the answers and let me know!  (Your answers are anonymous – I still won’t know who you are.)

Make sure you press the vote button after marking your answer or it will not record.

One thought on “Are You There?

  1. Hi way down there. Hope your Christmas and New Year season were wonderful. Yes…we read your Journey and are with you. We pray for you, too. Our adult daughter who lives with us has had surgery and Crohn’s disease issues and been in the hospital two out of the last three weeks, but home now and seemingly recovering better. Our love to you…John and Jean

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