Bienvenidos A Mi Casa!

Today is the two year anniversary of the day I first moved to Ecuador.  So it seemed fitting for it to be the day that (a year after I moved in) I FINALLY introduce you to my home!

If I have learned anything while building a house here, it is that completing anything is one big “mañana”, and I have dubbed Ecuador the original “too bad, so sad” country.  Although I’m not sure when it comes to building a home, if it is ever totally “finished,” it has been an unbelievably long and arduous process.  Literally days before my friends arrived, the finishing touches on my fence and rooftop pergola were finally completed.  There are still several touch up things to do, as well as landscaping and other improvements.  And after being in my house for a year, I’m already into maintenance issues from the poor construction and corrosive environment of living on the beach.

Thanks to my original (now bankrupt) builder, my house is definitely built to Ecuadorian standards.  It wouldn’t take you long to notice many cosmetic imperfections that are far from what we would consider acceptable in the U.S.  Some of them I may correct some day, others I will just live with.  But I constantly force myself to look around at the houses of the majority of people who live in this country and remind myself how very blessed I am with what I have.  The parts of the house that are “me” (decor), as well as my desire and invitation for God to dwell here with me, are what truly make it my home.

I want to give another shout out to my friend, Jane, who helped me with the myriad of seemingly overwhelming decisions in planning and picking out all my fixtures and decor.  She truly was the timeliest Godsend and I couldn’t have done it without her!

So here, at last, is the long awaited video tour of “Casa de la Paz Al Lado del Mar” – my “House of Peace Beside the Sea”!

9 thoughts on “Bienvenidos A Mi Casa!

  1. Love your home!!!! I’d love to come visit…and sit or lay in every hammock! 🙂 Thank you for a wonderful tour! Love the name of your home as well. It is fitting. God’s continued care and blessings…Larae

  2. Oh Mary, your house is so beautiful! I could so live there. I enjoy reading your posts and miss talking to you. Blessings to you.


  3. Ola – Happy anniversary! Thank you so much for the tour of your home it’s absolutely beautiful and precious… Just like you 🙂 I love the name that you gave your home 🙂 I love you, I miss you and hopefully one day I’ll be able to hang out drink coffee in one of those Hammocks …if not all of them!!!

  4. Ola – happy anniversary to you 🙂 can you please let me know if you see my post… I post things several times when I read your blog but then I go back and see if I can see what I posted and cannot see anything and I wanted you just to know in case you do not see me posting please no I have been And my phone acts up all the time ;(
    I love your tour of your home it is beautiful and precious just like you 🙂 I love you and I miss you …can’t wait to come hang out with you one day and drink coffee sit in all of your Hammocks!!!

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