Friend Day

Sophie, Elaine, Bill & Terry at our cocktail place overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Sophie, Elaine, Bill & Terry at our cocktail place overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Yesterday, I got the pleasure of merging old and new friendships together.  I had already told my new but fast friend, Sophie, how much she would just love knowing Bill & Elaine once they arrived.  She has been here just a few months and lives in the same development that they built their house in (and I’m just a little bit jealous that she can now pop in and visit them daily, as I was once able to do when we rented in the same unit after I first moved here).  True enough, they have become fast friends in the less than two weeks since Bill & Elaine have returned.

Happy feet!

Happy feet!

So they were included in our previously planned dinner in Manta, to celebrate Sophie’s birthday.  Her birthday was last week, but the celebration was put off because my friends, Amy & Melanie, were visiting and Terry was in the states.  Everyone had a few errands, so we all rode in early with Terry (the only one of us with a car) and Bill & Elaine finally met him as well.  They all hit it off famously, as I had already told each of them they would.  We three girls went for spa pedicures as my present to Sophie.  Then we stopped at a favorite spot for before dinner drinks, and later met up with my other friends, Jim & Jane, for dinner at a Japenese restaurant.  Manta has a whole lot of wonderful places to eat, but many are only open for dinner and the buses don’t run in the evening.  So last night was a rare excursion, but one we all agreed we need to do more often.  We all had a fabulous time and each expressed gratitude that we were so fortunate to have made such good friends here.

One of the things I really love to do is bring people together.  I met all of these people independently and then over time, introduced them to each other.  I’m so thrilled that now many of the people I’ve come to know and love, have now come to know and love each other too!

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