Take Two – P.S.

Yesterday, when I returned home from my day’s excursion with Melanie & Amy, I had an email from Elaine.  They had originally planned to go to Manta during the day to do some shopping, but Bill was coming down with a cold, so they stayed home and slept in.  Later in the day, they got a call from our friend Sam.  He said, “You must come and get Tag.”   (As I said before, they were planning to wait until Saturday).  Her email continues:

“Sam was concerned.  He tied Tag up at night like always, but last night he said he cried all night.  Poor Baby Tag!!!  Then when Sam let him off the leash he immediately went to Mesfin’s to look for us.  Awwww.  Sam would call him, but he would not go to Sam, he kept looking for us.  So we are so thankful for (our friends) Sarah and Robert, they let us use their vehicle to get Tag.  When we got to Sam’s Tag was no where to be found.  Called and Called.  Went over to Mesfin’s and there he was…..again he was so happy to see us.  Poor little guy.  So we collected up Tag’s belongings from Sam and he was the best he has EVER been.  I opened the back seat, got in and I hardly had his name out of my mouth when he started getting into the back seat with me.  He was perfect in the vehicle ride home.  He knew where he was going, when we turned into MSJ he got a little more antsy, as if he knew, and we are sure he did.  So Tag is home safe and sound and napping now.”

A little later last night, Mesfin also sent this email to us:

“Tag was here early this morning searching for you.  Sam said he has been calling out and sniffing all the chairs that you sat on yesterday.  I had to forcefully take him back to Sam this morning as I was leaving for Manta.”

So if there was any question as to who Tag wants to live with, it should for sure be answered by now.  Tag loves lots of people, but he chose Bill & Elaine, and everyone else comes in a distant second!

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