Take Two

In the midst of my friends Amy & Melanie being here, my good week got even better today from the second reunion with my very best friends in Ecuador, Bill & Elaine.  For various reasons, their return had been delayed yet again this year, so their three month Canada stay had turned into six.  I was very disappointed when it looked like they would not be back in time for Amy & Melanie’s visit, but just one week prior, I received word that they would be flying in later the exact same night!  After spending a few days settling in, they agreed to come into Cayo and meet up for lunch on the beach.  Unbeknownst to me, Melanie captured the precious moment in pictures:

We enjoyed a nice lunch on the beach, with one of the many topics of conversation being Tag.  Elaine had already warned me via email that once again (as they had done last year) they were contemplating finding a new home for Tag.  As hard as it was, they (and especially Bill) were feeling that they just couldn’t provide the environment and stability they felt he needed.  I, on the other hand, argued that Tag loves them and he is adaptable and will adjust to whatever environment he has to in order to live with the people he loves.  During the discussion, Bill kept looking at Elaine like he was determined to be strong and not cave in.  So there was some question whether they would be coming with us to visit our friend Sam, where Tag has been staying.  But after lunch, we took a motor taxi to visit our other former neighbor, Mesfin.  We all went inside his gate and into his beautiful home.  After a brief tour, Mesfin and my friends went around to the front part of his property for him to show them some of his plants and trees, while Bill, Elaine and I stayed on Mesfin’s back patio visiting.  When Mesfin returned, he asked if we knew that Tag was out at the front gate.  We said no, but guessed he must have heard our voices somehow.  About ten minutes later we had all moved inside to Mesfin’s living room and were visiting, when here came Tag along the beach outside Mesfin’s fence.  He slipped through the gate next door (where we all used to live together two years ago) and ran into the yard searching for the voices he thought he heard.  We all sat and watched and I kept my mouth shut, knowing Bill & Elaine were still not sure whether they were going to open that door again.  But as Tag began to run through the yard toward the front gate, seeing him got the best of Bill and here is what followed (on record thanks to Melanie’s quick acting video skills):

So there you have it – unlike last year’s reunion, there wasn’t even a hint of delay in realizing who they were.  Afterwards, we all went over to visit with our friend, Sam.  Bill & Elaine have a few things that will keep them gone for the next few days, but it should be no surprise that they made arrangements with Sam to come back Saturday to pick Tag up & take him home.  🙂

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