Not My First Rodeo…

We went from my home of Puerto Cayo (lower left) up to San Mateo (just before Manta), across through Manta, Montecristi & Porto Viejo, down to Santa Ana and back through Jipijapa to Puerto Cayo – a giant circle. WHEW!

…but my first one in Ecuador!  As I’ve mentioned many times, life in Ecuador is almost always “Plan B.”  Today I headed out with my friends Terry & Sophie to Santa Marianita for breakfast at the Donkey Den and to catch the last day of the annual kite surfing competition we’d been hearing about for months.  But we ended up discovering the competition ended yesterday. 😦  However, we ran into our friend Katie and her teenage son Dominique, and after a short time of visiting over breakfast, they seemed in a bit of a hurry to leave.  We asked where they were going and they said, “To a rodeo.”  Well, that got our attention and after a short discussion, we all agreed to follow along on the trek to the not-so nearby town of Santa Ana.

Upon arrival, we found much more of a set-up than I was expecting!  There was a large arena packed with patrons, several stages and seating areas, a carnival, food and artisan tents and an endless number of cowboys, cowgirls and horses!  The patrons were all decked out in their western attire and hats, and there were several different performing troops in their coordinated outfits.  We walked around the grounds looking at the various performers.  At one point Katie, her son and Sophie managed to maneuver into the already packed arena to be able to see some of the show, but Terry and I decided to forego the claustrophobic & sunbaked conditions and hung around outside.  There was still plenty to see – it was certainly another unexpected and fun outing.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – life in Ecuador is always an adventure!

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One thought on “Not My First Rodeo…

  1. What fun! Life is so good to us. My son, Kyle, asked me to come visit them in Tennessee this month. Of course I said yes! He also told me 600 Muslims are flying into Nashville airport a day!! They are NOT the Christian ones only, many bad people are in the mix. What an excuse to overrun the US and all the other countries of the world.
    Hope they have better thinking going on down there and here in MX on who they let in.

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