L to R: Jane, Sopie, Jim & Terry

L to R: Jane, Sophie, Jim & Terry

No, there is no such thing as Red Lobster in Ecuador – this is the real thing!  This past week, I deviated from my usual Manta shopping day on Wednesday, and a group of us ventured past Manta about an hour to another little beach town called San Clemente.  My friends, Jim and Jane, had been raving about a place they’d traveled to with a group a few months back, where they enjoyed a scrumptious feast.  So a few of us planned a day trip of the roughly 2.5 hour drive each way, to experience for ourselves what we had been hearing about.  The group included my brand new friend Sophie, who recently moved here and lives in the same housing development as my friends Bill & Elaine, and Terry, who lives in Puerto Cayo and has become a regular with our group outings (and has graciously offered car transportation for my Manta shopping days – I can’t remember the last time I had to take a bus!).

Quite the feast!

Quite the feast!

After quite the road trek, we arrived in the town of San Clemente and made our way down the main road all the way to the end, to a little hostel/restaurant owned by Thorsten Myers.  He is an immigrant from Germany and has made a reputation for serving authentic German food and beer on tap (which is quite unheard of in Ecuador).  But the fare we were after was his fresh lobster meal.  Jane had actually phoned a few days ahead for us and Myers (as everyone refers to him) had called out to his fishermen to see if any of them would be fishing for lobster.  He then told Jane he would call her that morning to let her know if they caught enough.  There was just enough (with one to spare) to serve our group his standard meal.  So we each had two large lobsters (weighing a total of 1.5 lbs) with various sauces for dipping, a huge plate of home fries and salad for $11 each!

While we were waiting for our meal to be prepared, we were very entertained watching the owner’s young daughter and her puppy.  These two were inseparable and the puppy would let her hold or carry him around any way she wished.  At one point, she even put him in a little stroller and pushed him around and he happily let her (I didn’t get those cute pictures because by then, I was too busy picking apart my lobster!)


Our drive home was quite the adventure as well – let’s just say you’ve never experienced speed bumps like the ones in Ecuador!  But we all agreed the trip was well worth the effort and we certainly plan to return on a regular basis.

3 thoughts on “Lobsterfest

  1. What fun! Lobster is one of my all time favorites for sure.I go to Dallas Wednesday for a week or so. Yes, the person who has told everyone not to be in the states at that time! When my babies called lat Monday asking me to come, I said sure!Pray all goes well and I make it home safe.I sent my daughter the info you had us listen to. She has appointment on Thursday to get their passports.I told you when I was there in August, my little Catherine, seven, asked Jesus’s into her heart and wants to be baptized in the Jordan River like her mom and I where back in 1983. She goes to church with her other grandmother every Sunday. I’ll be with them this Sunday. I will miss being

  2. Lobsterfest Ecuadorian style!! How great is that! Glad to read your continued adventures. Be safe and blessed! John and Jean

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