More Charcoal Antics

For those of you who really only follow my blog to keep up with what is happening with Charcoal, here are a few more pictures of some recent events in her life in Ecuador:

Snoozing face down on her alpaca blanket

Lapping up the sunshine in her own special window.

Snuggled in the bundle of laundry mommy got distracted from folding.

Taking over my vacated pillow as soon as I got up.

Cozy in mommy’s lap in our indoor hammock.

She really has a tough life here – trying to decide which, out of so many options, is the best place for her next nap!

One thought on “More Charcoal Antics

  1. Ha! Smokey does the same thing in the morning! I barely get my legs over the side of the bed and she’s already confiscated my warm spot!!!
    Truly hard lives. We ask Smokey every night what she has done to earn her keep for the day and you know what she says (does) – she claws our furniture to make sure we continue to realize how grateful we should be by her presence!!!
    Allison Baldwin

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