Mi Hogar

Yesterday, a few of us ladies were headed to Puerto Lopez for an afternoon lunch, errands and shopping day.  Our morning had started out dismally cloudy, as is the norm for most of our days this time of year.  But before we left Cayo, the sun came out to give us a glorious day!  As we passed the overlook on our way out of town, we could not resist stopping to take a few photos of the beautiful view.  I posted one similar just after I arrived in one of my first blogs, but I felt it was time to show you again “mi hogar” – my home.  You can see the fishing boats on the beach near the bottom of the photo.  That begins the “malecon” area, and the row of huts lined up just beyond where the boats end are the beach restaurants (serving the catches of the day).  The rest of the town stretches along the beach and beyond.  My house is actually on the far north end of town, just off the beach at the base of the mountain you see in the distance.

For all the ups and downs I’ve experienced since moving here, oddly enough, it truly feels more like home than any other place I’ve every lived!

5 thoughts on “Mi Hogar

  1. Loved the picture and hearing about the restaurants that you eat the catch of the day. Super! I so understand about the way you feel about it being home. Yes, when I think of home it is here in Ajijic for sure on my very big Lake Chapala. Only thing wrong here….can’t eat the fish! They have added so many poisons to kill off the lirica, a green plant that wants to cover the lake, chocking out everything. The fish, tilapia, come out with eyes in the wrong places, etc.

  2. It looks just beautiful and I am so happy that you feel that you have found your earthly home.
    We hope to come visit one of these days.

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