“I Will Praise You In This Storm”

I first heard this song a little over a year ago and immediately thought of the end-time church.  I can remember the six month crucible I walked through when my mother was ill and my husband left.  Literally every day was a new crisis and it was all I could do to hang on to God.  I just wanted the whole thing to be over and be on the other side – whatever that looked like.  Later, I received an incredible prophetic word that confirmed that time of testing was to prepare me to fulfill the destiny I knew I was being called to and so that I could encourage others to hang on through the intense time that is coming, until we get to the other side and see Jesus face to face!

My “spiritual twin brother” made an interesting comment in an email to me the other day:

I’ve been very attuned lately to how quickly people can get bent out of shape if the slightest thing goes wrong in their life; maybe something like they don’t get their iced coffee exactly the way they want it. I’m so used to a lifestyle of routine fasting and self-denial that I take it for granted. But the fact is this country will go absolutely nuts with any kind of prolonged outage of anything, if only because so many people are hard-wired now to satisfy their flesh in all ways and without delay.

‘Denial of self’ is such an alien concept in this culture, even among professing Christians. If many millions of ‘selfs’ are denied what they want, involuntarily and maybe for the first time ever, and all at the same time…then, yeah, I’d say God got you out of here at just the right time. 🙂

Once again, I pray that you are preparing yourself to have the faith and endurance to withstand what is coming and that, as this song says, even in the midst of it, you will praise Him in the storm.

3 thoughts on ““I Will Praise You In This Storm”

  1. Your post reminds me of Beth Moore’s study of Daniel. We live in a Babylon culture and we need to be tuned in to the fact that we are being bombarded with culture that is not what God wants for us. We are used to immediate gratification and media that promotes ungodly content.

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