Peace, Be Still

There is something I have been aware of, long before I left the U.S., that is even more obvious to me now.  It is something that plagues just about every person I know there and seems to hold the whole country in bondage – it is busyness.  Every time I talk with friends and family in the states, the theme I hear over and over is, “I’m just so busy!”  It’s something I struggled with and fought against myself when I lived there, and it literally seems to suck you in and then suck the life out of you.  People run around doing a whole host of “necessary” and “good” things, but the result is a helter-skelter, frantic, worn to a frazzle society (and I’m confident that is exactly what the enemy is trying to accomplish with it).

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”  It stands to reason, then, that when we are not still, there are some ways we cannot know that He is God.  Even before I left the states, I was very intentional about eliminating things from my life that kept me from having time to “be still” (TV being one of the chief ones and refusing to join the Facebook craze being another).  It seems that what is happening is that people are running so fast all of the time, that when they do finally have “free” time, they want to spend it on TV, movies, internet, video games or a whole host of other things that allows them to escape or just “check out.”  Jesus Himself said to His disciples after they returned from a mission journey, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31)  So rest and refreshment are important, but recreation is meant to re-create us, not merely to numb or escape.  Being still creates an atmosphere and space for God to fill.  But most people no longer know how to be still – even just a few moments of silence, solitude and inactivity can bring huge discomfort.  It has been interesting to me over the years to see, in different environments, how very uncomfortable and even frightened our society is with moments of silence and stillness.

Many of you have made comments about the inspiration you receive from what I write.  I take no credit for it, for the writing is a gift and the thoughts all come from Him.  But they come from many years (long before I moved here) of carving out time and intentionally being STILL.  As much as I love people and being around them, I have come to crave and long for the silence and solitude of being still before my Audience of One.

Below is one of my favorite songs that expresses some of the many truths of why it is so important for us to take time to be still…

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