Charcoal, We’re Not In Texas Anymore!

Two awesome Texas gals!

Two awesome Texas gals!

Back in March, another friend of Bill & Elaine’s, that they met several years ago in Nicaragua, arrived here for a visit.  She was someone I had heard about from them for some time, and I looked forward to finally meeting her for several reasons, but mainly because she was from TEXAS!  (Galveston to be exact).  Some who have talked with me recently, have at times detected I have adapted a bit of a Canadian tone (I’ve always been one to absorb accents).  So when I first met Samantha (aka Sam), I gave her a big hug and said, “Talk to me!”  It was great to finally hear my native language again!

It has been very fun getting to know this quite “seasoned” (in many ways – she’s a professional chef) lady.  I have gained the nickname “Little Texas” and she has been donned “Feisty Texas.”

She decided to stay around Cayo for a little while longer past Bill & Elaine’s departure, so the other day I invited here to join me on my monthly outing to pay my internet bill in nearby Puerto Lopez (she had yet to experience this fun little town).  We enjoyed wandering, shopping and a nice lunch, then bought a piece of chocolate cake at my favorite bakery and were taking it to have a cup of coffee at my favorite spot (the same hosteria where my friend Michelle had worked).  As we were strolling down the malecon, (main street adjacent to the beach) we were about to walk across a drive/entrance and were suddenly greeted by a head poking out of the open gate!  We stopped and all stared at each other and by the time I could whip out my camera (that I unusually just happened to have with me) a second head popped out:

While we were all taking the situation in, a third head emerged:

And then suddenly, it became very clear just who had the right-of-way in this situation:

Samantha and I waited patiently while everyone mosied along:

There were a few tense seconds when some of our friends decided to kick up their heels, and we realized there was no place for us to get out of their way!  But eventually, they all proceeded up the street in the opposite direction of our travels with absolutely NOBODY following them!  We still have no idea where they came from or where they were going, but they seemed to know.  (I just hate that I didn’t get the backside picture of them all wandering up the street!)  We proceeded on our way, only to go a few yards and encounter a lost little guy coming from another direction.  He looked at us a little frightened and confused, but we just pointed and said, “They went that-a-way,” and off he went to join his buddies.

As we continued on our way for our coffee time, we both agreed that it was certainly a surprising encounter, even for two Texas girls!

3 thoughts on “Charcoal, We’re Not In Texas Anymore!

  1. It’s so nice to see and ( hear) you so much happier. I’m sure you’ve heard we’ve had lots of rain up till now and suddenly it’s Texas heat time. Every one doing well here Still miss seeing you. Love you Sarah

  2. Now that is very funny… Maybe the cows were just coming to say howdy 🙂 and to make you feel at home as if you were in Texas!

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