Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

My part-time neighbors, Cliff & Linda, in front of their lovely home.

My part-time neighbors, Cliff & Linda, in front of their lovely home.

Well, this past Friday night I ended up hosting my first dinner guests – my part-time neighbors, Cliff and Linda.  They currently live in Gig Harbor, Washington, but visit their house here in Las Palmas about twice a year (you might have seen their beautiful home in some of the pictures off my deck, as it is on the beach just to my left).  I was actually in touch with them before I ever moved to Ecuador.  I had asked for their contact information from our developer as a reference and specifically chose them because, at the time, their house was the only one under construction.  So we got to know each other through emails long before we met.  But they came for a visit just a few months after I arrived, and during that time I had several occasions to enjoy some dinners out and visiting with them.  Then they returned mid-year, and we shared some meals and an all day shopping excursion together (in fact, they helped me take photos and measurements in a store for what my cabinet builder later made into my dining room table).  They were back again over this past Christmas/New Years and saw me just barely in my house.  But this time, I was fully furnished and enjoyed hosting them as (I came to realize later that day) my first dinner guests.

Their home is as finished and furnished as they want it to be until they move here full-time (which they hope to do in about 3 years).  In some ways they are “camping” in it (as they are sleeping on an air mattress and haven’t installed their pump for water yet).  But it is a beautiful home, and they hosted me for a wonderful dinner this past Christmas Eve.

Cliff and Linda are very active, enjoying kayaking, surfing, bike riding, etc. when they are here (as well as back home, along with skiing and other things I’m sure I don’t even know about!)  She works for Boeing, he is a physical therapist and they are also cat owners (like me).  But they are both people with many talents that I am continuing to discover.  For example, Cliff has quite the musical gift of singing and guitar playing (and even sang a wonderful song at Christmas that, when I commented on, he humbly admitted he wrote!) and Linda actually gives a mean haircut!  But mostly they are pleasant and kind people (they have graciously brought me a few “stateside items” on their last few visits) and best of all, we share the same love for Jesus!

So I’m grateful to get to introduce you to some more of my friends here (and I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of them actually in my house – I had the best of intentions, but then we dove right into our eating and visiting and I totally forgot!)

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