Survey Results

Thanks to all those who took the time to complete my blog survey and give feedback.  Of those who responded, here are a few highlight statistics:

  • 92% of you receive my blog via email;
  • 87% have followed “The JOURNEY” since the beginning;
  • 58% consider me a “great friend” (Awww – 🙂 )  But a few of you have no clue who I am – I love that!
  • 48% have shared posts via email, Facebook or your own blog (thank you!);
  • 86% have read everything I’ve written (I’m honored!);
  • 50% say something I’ve written has caused them to think or act differently;
  • and the overall LEAST favorite thing has been that sometimes my posts are too long (but of course, if you know me well, you know it is difficult for me to be a woman of few words!)

One of the things God told me from early on in regards to my “assignment” was that I would write.  It was a while before I realized a blog would be my venue (but was inspired by some of you who have gone before me in that arena).  In all honesty, I can remember my 2nd grade teacher laughing at how prolific I was with words in my writing assignments, even back then (and I actually found some of those papers while cleaning out all the things my mother had saved, as I was preparing to move here).  I had not done any writing to speak of since my school days, but I have been reminded of the love of it that was in me, even from a young age.

If you still haven’t completed the survey, it’s not too late and I would be very grateful if you would – just click here to go to the survey page.

I appreciate all your feedback and patronage and will endeavor to continue to keep you informed and inspired to the best of my ability!

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