Blessed Are Those Who Mourn…

Bert GeritsThank you for your continued prayers and expressions of sympathy at the loss of my very special friend, Robert.  Today his funeral service was held in Belgium.  God has been comforting me in many amazing ways too numerous to begin to list, but I will eventually end up sharing at least some of them as part of the “Robert Story.”

One beautiful reminder came from my aunt Cinde (my birthmother’s younger sister).  She did not want to take credit for her words, saying they were merely “impressions from God,” but I thought what she said was so beautiful and comforting for anyone mourning a loss:

“In pondering that beatitude, I feel something was revealed to me once.  What mourning says is that we had someone in our lives that meant more to us than ourselves, and in this we enter into a particular fellowship with God and an aspect of His image we were made in.  We are blessed because our Creator loves everyone we love, conceived them, and brought them into our lives.  So we reveal in our sorrow, the heart of the Creator.  There, in our mourning, He can reach us with His love and comfort us as our Father, as well as bring those around us that can share in our heartache, and just let us be.  With or without words, just come along side and be.  And that we are blessed that we had someone in our lives that we loved and valued deeply.  This too is a gift from God Himself.  We are His body in this world, to reach out to see and recognize, help and aid those He places in our path.”

Most of you know by now how much music is a comfort to me in my life.  Below is yet another song that first came to me during another time of deep sorrow, however it is also a special encouragement to me at this time as well.


2 thoughts on “Blessed Are Those Who Mourn…

  1. Mary, I am so very sorry for your loss. I am glad that Jesus is there to comfort you in this and in all things. Robert sounded like he was a truly wonderful man.

    • Thanks, Barbara – he was a very broken, but very wonderful man and God and I both loved him very much.

      I know you are no stranger to grief and loss and I truly appreciate your condolences.

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