Just Let Me Cry

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, will remember the occasional mention of a friend of Bill & Elaine’s, who then became my friend, Robert.  Some of you who I am close to also know that there is a whole behind the scenes “Robert Story” that has not been chronicled in my blog (except with a few “between the lines” references).  Part of that story includes the fact that he arrived here a recent cancer survivor in remission, but left for a check-up that found that the cancer had returned (in fact, I received that news from him just over a year ago, the same day that I learned my other cat, Emmie, would have to be put to sleep).  The past year since has been an up and down prayer and faith journey of tragedies and triumphs.  But sadly, after suddenly not responding to emails or messages from any of us here for over a month, I awoke today to several emails from him saying he “could not take the pain anymore” and was choosing elective euthanasia (which is legal in his home country of Belgium).  I quickly responded, but due to the time difference, it was too late.  A short time later, I received a reply from his brother that he was already gone – and that I was the only person he had been trying to contact.

As you can imagine, there is a much longer story that I will do my best to now chronicle, in some way, at some point.  But for now, this song expresses perfectly my heart and feelings at this time:


5 thoughts on “Just Let Me Cry

  1. I am so very sorry Mary. This must strike you on so many levels. I cannot even imagine what you are feeling.

    We love you!!

  2. So sad to know he felt no hope. I did not realize Belgium had this legal option. Wow. Sad for you to lose a friend so far away. Love, Jane

  3. Sweet sister I love you So much … Please know I am praying for your heart! And asking God to hold you extra tight! I am truly saddened by this news of your loss… Know I am here!

  4. It is written that Jesus holds all things together. I know he is holding you together right now and catching all of your tears in his bottle. May his grace cover you. Hugs, Kathy

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