A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Hello Friends!  I’m sorry it has been so long since I’ve written anything, but life has been going along at a pretty good pace.  Spring has sprung in Dallas and hence the bee business has picked up, which makes my three working days pretty busy.  Then, there is my usual Wednesday shopping trip to Manta, which takes up most of that day.  And on Fridays, I’ve been making a point to visit my friends Bill & Elaine down the road in their development, Mirador San Jose, before they return back to Canada the first part of May.  As I’ve said before, they are just a ten minute vehicle ride away – but last week I waited an hour for a bus to take me there! 😳  (Life here is definitely a funny paradox of being simpler and more complicated at the same time.)  On my Mondays off, there is usually something else to attend to either around the house or out (this week, my friend Teresa and I traveled to Puerto Lopez to pay my monthly internet) and Sunday is my day to rest – so goes my week!  So I finally looked up from this routine and realized I had not posted anything on my blog for a while.

But I thought you might enjoy some pictures highlighting things in my day-to-day life.  First, there is “el Vaquero” – my cowboy friend that I have started to encounter nearly every morning on my beach walk.  He has at least two or three horses that he takes out for their daily exercise in the mornings and we usually pass each other coming and going and each time offer a wave and an “Hola!”  One morning, I finally held up my phone and said, “Photo?” and he graciously obliged with a nice pose.


L to R around the table: Janet, Susan, Elaine, Teresa, Tulia, Barb, Frede, Sarah & Samantha (another visiting friend of Elaine & Bill)

L to R around the table: Janet (my former landlady), Susan, Elaine, Teresa, Tulia, Barb, Frede, Sarah & Samantha (another visiting friend of Elaine & Bill)

The second photo to share with you chronicles something that started kind of spontaneously several months back.  A few expat ladies (myself included) decided to have lunch together on the beach.  We all knew each other somewhat, but some more than others, and we really enjoyed the time getting to know each other better and all wanted to do it again.  So about a month later when someone mentioned having another lunch, I took it upon myself to send out an email inviting all the expat ladies I knew in town (which is pretty much all the expat ladies in town!) The next time the gathering was larger and everyone loved it and said they wanted it to continue.  So it has now become a monthly thing (with me initiating date and place) and last month I extended it to Elaine and several friends of hers that live out in her development.  So we now have about 20 on the invite list (although some are not living here full-time) and have averaged about 10 at our gatherings.  Here is a photo of this month’s (with most everyone unexpectedly showing up in color coordination!)

She's just about decided she likes it better than her window!

She’s just about decided she likes it better than her window!

And finally, I am continually grateful for my constant companion and amusement, my cat, Charcoal.  On this day, when I was doing laundry in between bee calls, I returned to my dryer to find her snuggled in amongst the clothes – I actually had to vacate her three separate times!  I snapped this picture before the last time, because she was just so stinking cute!

So there you have it, a little “snapshot” of my “day-in and day-out” life in Ecuador.

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