Another Unexpected First

This morning I went for my beach walk a bit earlier than I have been lately. As I walked along, listening to my praise music, something in the water caught my eye just beyond the surf break – it took me a minute of staring in disbelief to realize I was seeing DOLPHINS! A whole school of them swimming, diving and a few times leaping out of the water! It appeared it wasn’t a play time for them, but that they were likely having their breakfast. I followed them along the shore but although I had my iPhone with me, they were apparently camera shy. Each time it looked like I was going to be able to catch a photo, they would disappear and once I gave up trying, they would resurface. So I was only able to just take in the moment, but it was another in a lifelong string of nature encounter “kisses from heaven” from my Father who knows how much I love to marvel at and revel in His creation!

2 thoughts on “Another Unexpected First

  1. Lovely words Mary. The whole earth is full of His goodness.
    Please add Jane to The JOURNEY. I’m sure you have her email addy. Thanks!

  2. Just re-reading past blogs and looking at pictures. The joy is certainly “in the journey” even when things get bumpy. I am looking forward to the book. Enjoyed our phone visit…….ct

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