Ama La Vida!

Ama la Vida

Perfect for my latte!

Perfect for my latte!

This phrase means “love (the) life” and is actually part of a large promotional campaign in Ecuador for tourism and about life here in general (you see it on shirts, posters, etc. literally everywhere – I even have a coffee mug with it on it).

But I also thought it was the perfect slogan for this post.  Some of you may remember this picture taken over a year ago in December of last year:

Here is my new hammock with Charcoal checking out the fringe.

Here is my new hammock with Charcoal checking out the fringe.

This was the hammock I purchased for my rooftop deck not long after I arrived, while shopping with Elaine in La Pila (notice, incidentally and purely coincidentally, the colors are the same as the Ecuador logo).  It has been stored away ever since but finally, FINALLY my hammock has found its home – Jordan hung it for me yesterday and took this picture of my first “repose” in it:

Ama la vida - SÍ

Ama la vida? – SÍ !


7 thoughts on “Ama La Vida!

  1. okay, you said it was purely coincidental…..are you sure??? You are loving the life, right??? So maybe it was meant to be. Love it, Love the View……So Happy for you Mi Amiga!!!!

  2. there is no way to say how wonderful you look and how very far you have come from our first meeting in Dallas that cold winter several years ago. Keep enjoying every minute the Lord has given you my dear friend.

  3. Wow what a beautiful vison you are hanging there relaxing!!!
    I hope it holds two … Because one day I am going to hang there with you!
    Love you,

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