One and a Half Minutes of Paradise

It is not often that we get a “straight into the water” sunset here, so when they happen they are quite an event!  However, even when we only see the sun set behind some low lying clouds (which at times aren’t even visible until you see the sun disappear behind them), it is still incredibly beautiful with the colors that paint the sky.  The other night as Charcoal and I were enjoying this sunset from our rooftop deck, the waves were really crashing and it was so beautiful!  I attempted to capture it on video, but of course it cannot even begin to do it justice.  The waves on the video sound more like white noise and the wind blows into the microphone at times.  And of course, the visual isn’t near what it is in person.  Nevertheless, I thought I would post for you this “one and a half minutes of paradise.”

2 thoughts on “One and a Half Minutes of Paradise

    • Hi Carroll,

      So great to hear from you – I sure do miss you guys!

      Thanks – actually, some of the most interesting stories are happening behind the scenes and that is definitely book material for sure! But still waiting to see how “the Author” wants it to finish.

      Would love to talk with you and catch up soon!

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