Thanksgiving in Ecuador

Last year I did not celebrate Thanksgiving.  I had barely arrived here and was trying to settle into my new world.  All the last minute preparations and logistics to get here eclipsed any sense that a holiday was approaching.  Upon arrival, I was submerged into a tropical climate with new neighbors from Canada, Switzerland and Ethiopia – all places where our Thanksgiving day is not observed.  So I was fine to let the tradition of the holiday pass me by and simply acknowledged the day with a prayer of thanksgiving in my heart.

But this year I have come full circle and have made a host of new friends.  So I gladly said “yes” to the invitation to join in with many of the Cayo ex-pat crowd for a gathering and traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  It was hosted by my friends, Ed and Jo, who have been living at the hotel next door to my development since nearly a year before I arrived, while they wait for their house here to be completed (and sadly, they are victims of my builder’s follow-thru failure as well).  We each pitched in $5 to cover turkey, dressing, gravy and plates and then brought a side dish (I brought my famous stuffed eggs).  I already knew (on some level) many who attended and it was fun to spend time with them as well as get to know some new folks.  Below are a few pictures of some of my Ecuador “ex-pat family”:

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We are just now starting to enter what is basically our summer and this morning I woke up to a gloriously sunny day!  As Charcoal and I were enjoying our beautiful breakfasting view, I reflected on the fact that, despite the many difficulties of this past year (some I have mentioned and others I have not), I truly have SO MUCH to be thankful for!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Ecuador

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, mija! You are making a beautiful life, following your heart and soul. Congratulations on receiving your visa and resident’s card; I know how important that is. Love, Karla

    • Thanks, cousin Karla! I remember that Thanksgiving time two years ago when I visited and we went out to dinner and I shared with you what I was feeling led to do. Thanks for following my journey and I hope yours is a blessed one as well!

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