Blog Anniversary

Well, today is the one year anniversary of when I first launched my blog – the day I was first “alone” in my new world (for original post, click here).  It is also, poignantly, my mother’s birthday.

Charcoal's and my breakfast view - looking southwest/left

Charcoal’s and my breakfast view – looking southwest/left

Looking straight west

Looking straight west

Yesterday, as I was sitting on my rooftop deck (where I am now writing this post) looking out over Charcoal’s and my breakfasting view, listening to the peaceful sound of the birds and ocean waves, I was reflecting on my journey and just how far God has brought me.  This is so far beyond anything I could have imagined or would have ever dreamed of undertaking on my own power.  I thought of how I simply said, “Yes,” to the Lord and then followed wherever He led.  And then there arose in my heart, an old hymn that was actually the first one I ever learned by memory.  I can remember as a little girl, I loved hearing it in church and wanted to learn it.  So my mother pulled out the hymnal we kept at home (which I still have with me today), turned to the song and gave it to me to memorize.  I don’t know how old I was (maybe 7 or 8), but I know that I could read the words.  I would memorize a verse and then sing it for my mother and she would say, “Good – now go memorize the next one.”  This memory is so vivid in my mind even today, so it is so incredible to me how this first hymn I learned has now turned out to be the theme of my life!  The words are so fitting and even as I sung it to myself yesterday, I had to choke back the tears.  Whether you know the tune or not, the words say it all (verse 4 is my favorite):

When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word,
What a glory He sheds on our way!
While we do His good will, He abides with us still,
And with all who will Trust and Obey.

Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey.

Not a shadow can rise, not a cloud in the skies,
But His smile quickly drives it away;
Not a doubt or a fear, not a sigh or a tear,
Can abide while we Trust and Obey.

Not a burden we bear, not a sorrow we share,
But our toil He doth richly repay;
Not a grief or a loss, not a frown or a cross,
But is blessed if we Trust and Obey.

But we never can prove the delights of His love
Until all on the altar we lay;
For the favor He shows, and the joy He bestows,
Are for those who will Trust and Obey.

Then in fellowship sweet we will sit at His feet,
Or we’ll walk by His side in the way;
What He says we will do, where He sends we will go;
Never fear, only Trust and Obey.

Trust and Obey – John H. Sammis, 1887

Happy Birthday Mommy – see you soon!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary

  1. Hi Mary, Wow it is hard to believe that you have been in Ecuador an entire year solo. You have had quite the year and I am sure more our in store for you. I cannot wait to read how God is working in your life and then in others like me. Happy Birthday Aunt Leota, I know you are one proud lady watching your daughter follow God’s calling…Trusting and Obeying Him:)

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