First Pictures!

Well, I’m settling into my new digs and although there is still quite a bit that needs to be finished (I don’t even have working water yet, but that is hopefully being remedied as I type!), Charcoal and I are already feeling very comfy in our new place!

I couldn’t resist posting a few teaser pictures for you.  It has been amazing to pick all of my items out at different times and places, piecing it all together like a puzzle, to see it all together for the first time and be SO PLEASED that it is exactly how I pictured it!

Those of you who had been to my home in Dallas know that for 14 years I lived in the house I grew up in.  Although I loved how it was decorated (and I owe much of that to my friend Gail’s help), I was doing it with a mixture of the antiques and furniture passed on to me by my parents, as well as items accumulated during my marriage.  When I first realized I was going to get to totally do my own home from scratch, I honestly had no idea what I would end up with.  It has been interesting to discover what my personal taste is without having to work around any one else’s.

So here is a preview of some of the highlights of “Casa de la Paz Junto al Mar”!

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