Well, I have returned from my recently mentioned adventure and although the incredible story continues, I am back online.  Interestingly enough, part of the journey of my adventure was to make the choice mentioned as the title of this post.  However, this discourse is about addressing a more global opportunity to make the same choice.

In my absence, I had a brief exposure to the American media and was once again reminded of one of the many reasons I am grateful to no longer be living there.  Of course one of the foremost stories continuing to get their attention is Ebola.  I find it very interesting to watch this from a distance.  It is hard to explain, but being out of the U.S. can give a much clearer perception of Satan’s tactics there and the hugest one he is using is FEAR.  It is just one more of his many weapons to take down the U.S.  I do not at all think it will happen from this disease – the only reason it is spreading so widely in Africa is living conditions and lack of information of how it spreads.  No, what the enemy is using in this and so many other current events is FEAR – he is spreading it like gasoline on every side so that when he finally lights the match, everything will erupt into huge flames.

My friends the Carrolls, who have lived with a very up close and personal experience of the Ebola virus in their family, recently posted a similar perspective on their blog.  In summary, my favorite part of Jamie’s post says:

“We will all die someday.  It’s not important how.  What is important is how we live.  Let’s live lives that proclaim love over fear, and peace over panic….Ebola is causing incredible tragedy in this world.  In Africa it has caused a deadly epidemic that has taken thousands of physical lives.  In the United States it is causing an epidemic of selfishness, self-preservation, and fear that fails to reflect the love of God. The later concerns me more than anything.  Hundreds had died in Africa before many of us even knew the word “Ebola.”  We didn’t care until it threatened us.  But we can choose going forward to respond differently, to choose love over fear.”

Do not give into FEAR my friends – in the end, it will do more harm in your lives than anything else ever could.

“There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear…”
1 John 4:18

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