A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

Yesterday I was at Las Palmas for most of the afternoon.  I initially went with my contractor, Jordan, to survey the work he has been doing for me.  He has now completed laying my external electrical and water lines, digging the hole for my cistern, digging the trench for my fence and clearing trash and debris from my lot and the one beside me.  As mentioned before, Jordan and his wife are from Canada and moved here 2 1/2 years ago.  Their main reason for moving was their then 1 1/2 year old (and now 4 year old) precious little boy, Nate.  Jordan said he had several desires for Nate in this move:  for him to grow up learning another language (and he is now as fluent in Spanish as he is English), become a “citizen of the world,” and so that Jordan could spend less time working and more time involved in his life.  All of this has already apparently paid off – Nate is a warm, confident and well adjusted child who can’t wait to grow up and be just like his dad!  Yesterday, he was on a school break and came to help work on my house.  He brought his own small dump trucks and shovels, but also has ridden with dad in the backhoe – he’ll be a pro in no time!


Also, it was a thrill to walk in my kitchen and see that my counter top and back splash tile were there!  Although not yet installed, here is a picture of what the decor will look like:

Not yet installed, but here is my countertop and border/

Not yet installed, but here is my counter top and border/tile for my kitchen.

And finally, later while visiting my good friends and soon to be neighbors, Mark and Diane, I got to witness a very exciting event!  Diane and I were sitting inside their garage talking, when Mark, who had been working in the yard, ducked inside the garage and said, “Look out!”  We looked up to see a cloud of thousands of insects flying around outside in their yard.  We both exclaimed, “What is that?!” and Mark said, “Bees!”  I couldn’t believe it – I was finally getting a chance to witness what few people ever do!  I knew in theory what it looked like and had described it to people many times in my job, but to finally see it live was so exciting for me!  We closed the garage door and ran upstairs to look out a window and watch while the bees began to cluster up on a small palm tree in their yard.  Within minutes, the swarm had come together and was resting in their tree.  We went back outside and got right up to them to take pictures – it was fantastic!  I was over there again this morning for a meeting and the bees were still there at 10:00 a.m. (I told them last night they might just be passing through and landing there to sleep).  That means they are actually scouting out the location for a home, so I encouraged them to use a garden hose to deter them from deciding to make one inside one of the yet to be finished houses!  Below are a few pictures of the process:


One thought on “A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

  1. Mary…we continue to be happy with the personal success you are making of life in Ecuador. You have done so well, with the Lord’s help, in becoming part of a new life and place. Your posts are also well written and informative, so we feel part of what you are doing. May you be blessed and know you are loved.

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