Deanna’s Guest Perspective

Hello all!  Mary has asked me to write a guest blog post to give a visitor’s perspective on her new life in Ecuador.  I returned last Wednesday from a brief but beautiful trip to Puerto Cayo for Mary’s birthday.

My incredibly kind friend, Kristy Stone, from Nashville traveled with me because (in my opinion), I do best with a chaperone. 😉   It was a joy to have the opportunity to see Mary’s new life in person.  I’ll use 3 Cs for the themes that stood out to me:

Confidence – Mary amazed us with her ability to confidently navigate in and around Puerto Cayo.  It’s hard to believe that she has been there less than a year… Without hesitation, she can approach anyone to ask a question in Spanish and understand the answer – a skill that is on my wish list.

Cuisine – An important part of adapting to a new culture is exploring and embracing the cuisine.  Mary has done just that, and she made sure we had the chance to try an authentic Ecuadorian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and she also introduced us to local fruits and desserts.  She has made friends with more than one local restaurant owner, which made the process even more fun.

Community – Some of the above has been made more possible thanks to the wonderful people God has placed in Mary’s life since she moved to Ecuador.  You “know” them if you have read her previous blog posts, but it was truly a privilege to meet many of the great people Mary knows in and around Puerto Cayo – some who are from Ecuador, and some who are new (or relatively new) to Ecuador.  And if it were not biblically unsound, I’m pretty sure Kristy and I would start a Duver fan club. 😉  While nothing can take the place of being with those you have known for years, it was touching to see how God went ahead of Mary to provide people who are hospitable and helpful.

I encourage everyone to prayerfully consider visiting Mary sometime – we had a blast!  A few more photos…

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