Coco Crazy

Coco crazy!

My plethora of coconut goodies – L to R: Coconut water, breakfast granola with coconut, two types of coconut cookies and in front, coconut balls made with molasses. The only thing missing is the coconut ice cream!

One of the things that was a very occasional part of my diet back home, but has become a “daily dose” thing for me here is coconut.  In Spanish it is simply referred to as “Coco” and is hugely popular in Ecuador in many forms too numerous to list, including buying one off a cart and drinking the water and then eating the flesh (as demonstrated in this blog post).   As I mentioned before, the coconut has many amazing health benefits (see here: Coconut).  I find myself consuming it in at least one form or another every day and most days I get multiple doses.  It is wonderful to know how good it is for me, but mainly I think it is just plain good!

2 thoughts on “Coco Crazy

  1. Hi. Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your “Journey”. I am glad to know that you are having the adventure of your life. I am pleased for you.
    We think of you often and I look forward to your writings. We are using the coco..too Take care.

    Our love,
    Rosann, Herman and Emily

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