Another First…

Many of you know (but some may not) that for over twenty years I lived much of the time with pain from what was diagnosed as fibromyalgia.  However, amazingly in keeping with God’s word to me that part of His blessing from my obedience to move to Ecuador was that He was “making all things new,” I have received an incredible healing, the story of which will have to be a topic for another blog.

In prior days my muscles remained, to a greater or lesser degree, a tight, knotted, painful mess.  Part of my self care to enable me to function on a daily basis included massage and chiropractic visits as often as I could afford.  The type of massage I had to have was not pleasant – it was therapeutic and required a deep tissue expert who could work deep into my muscles and soft tissues to release the knots and tightness.  It was very painful, but at the same time a relief.  Most of my regular massage therapists over the years worked on me in amazement (based on what they were feeling in my muscles) that I could function!

I wondered myself how I would be able to function without these regular treatments once I came here.  But as with so many other things in regards to this move, I just stepped out and trusted that God would take care of me and provide for my needs and He has been faithful.  Other than a few mild and brief flare ups (that had a traceable source) I have not had to live with any of the regular symptoms that plagued me for over 20 years!  But after nearly 10 months since my last massage (literally two days before I left), I was ready to finally have one just for relaxation and the other benefits it provides.  Elaine had once told me she’d had a few in nearby Puerto Lopez, but they were the familiar “fluff and buff” variety, which I cannot stand.  Even in my healthier state, I still wanted a good, deep tissue massage.  My friend Hernan had previously mentioned that he had a friend in Manta who was a massage therapist, so a few weeks ago I decided to give her a try.  Because of my limited Spanish (which is actually getting much better) he scheduled the appointment for me, but I texted her to get her address.  Mesfin was going to Manta the day I scheduled, so I rode in with him and together we navigated and found her house.  She had an entire room set up in her home for massage.  As with most things in Ecuador, the environment was more “dumbed down” from what we would experience in the states, but the table was comfortable and she even had nice music playing.  The main thing, however, was that she gave an AWESOME deep tissue massage!  She even offered orange scented oil and after completing the regular massage on my back, then did a soothing hot stone massage.  It was an hour of pure bliss and the best part – it was only $25!

With her limited English and my ever growing Spanish we managed to communicate just fine and I made sure she knew I would be back and send friends – so there is just one more reason for you to come visit me in Ecuador!


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