Last night, to top off “HELL week,” something horrible (and dare I even say evil) happened here.  I will spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say our sweet little kitten, Roxy, is no longer with us.  Those of you who know how much I love animals will understand how deeply this would affect me and obviously Satan did as well.  It seems after the beating I took this past week, he was determined to throw one more “sucker punch” in an attempt to really discourage me.

But as I said, I have felt the Lord telling me I was in the time between the crucifixion and resurrection – so I eagerly awaited this resurrection morning, believing  that I would see some sign of hope.  The day started out as gray and cloudy as they all have for the past week.  I practiced my usual “Plácido Domingo” routine of going to church and then taking the dogs to the beach.  While we were there, slowly but surely the clouds began to part ever so slightly and for the first day in a week I saw a peek of blue sky and sun!  I thanked God every time I felt the warmth of it come out on me.  Then, just a few hours later after I returned home, the intermittent sun turned to a full blown, cloudless, sun-filled blue sky!  I spent the remainder of the afternoon floating in the pool and napping in a hammock, soaking up as much of it as I could.  (It should be noted that up until this past week of solid clouds, we had been having sun about every other day!)

The aforementioned situation in my previous post (as far as I know) has still not changed.  However, I am grateful that God gave me this, as well as another sign today to encourage me to believe that eventually with it too, there will be light and resurrection!

One thought on “SUNday!

  1. My sweet cousin,

    I am so sorry for the loss of the kitty. I am so thankful the God of the entire universe cares for you & me. Glory to the King & His sunshine. Some tough emotional times here. I have succumbed to my sinful anger again due to dashed hopes. Thinking now the hopes were not in Jesus plans. Duh!?! He is graciously rebuilding me & my relationship with Ken. Hope He comes back soon. I love you. Jean

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