Robert Returns!

Many of you will remember Bill and Elaine’s (and now my) friend, Robert, who was here from December through February.  He is referenced in several blog posts and pictures and among other things, built my first bonfire (and many subsequent ones) and helped me navigate my first dental visit.  However, as mentioned in my “Change” post, he had to leave rather unexpectedly and abruptly in February to return to Belgium.  But after being gone for nearly four months, he is back!  His plans are to enjoy the World Cup from Ecuador (which is not like being in Brazil, but close enough) and finish traveling around and seeing the sights he missed on his first trip.  But he’s spending a little time in Cayo and so he, David (who is currently staying in Bill & Elaine’s house in Mirador San Jose) and I hope to enjoy meals at our favorite places, card games, beach days, bonfires and more for as long as his visit lasts.  (Oh – and the dogs are thrilled to have him back as well!)

3 thoughts on “Robert Returns!

  1. The photo’s of Roberto and dogs is so beautiful and can almost feel the love form Bruna and Vera for Roberto. Tag seems a little indifferent looking. So good he is back.

  2. Know you’re happy to have your friend return 🙂 So glad for you! I hope he is doing well. May God bless the time!

  3. So sorry not to have communicated lately…life keeps us busy and out and about. Glad to read that your friend is back…hope the time is full of good happenings. We have enjoyed your postings on graces and gray days. Life is a pageant of days and nights, full of sun or gray or rain, and then more sun in so many ways. Your outlook and faith are wonderful to see and we pray for you and your new life. Keep the postings comin’…we love you! John and Jean

    PS…As you noted you have lost weight…your self pic really is very nice.

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