Cat Menagerie

Well, the collection of felines continues to grow around our place – we are now even with the number of dogs and cats that are occupying the premises!

Sadly, Rico, a neighbor’s dog that I mentioned previously (that was more part of our family than theirs), disappeared a while back after a night of fireworks for another neighbor’s wedding.  We are hoping he moved into another neighborhood and found a good home. 😦

But shortly after, in his place, another sweet kitten showed up outside the gate one night (actually, if I remember correctly, Janet brought her inside “the compound” to rescue her from Rico!)  Janet swore she would not keep her and she was gone the next day.  But a few nights later showed back up on my patio and cried a good portion of the night!  Janet kept saying she could not keep her and tried to pass her on to me, but Charcoal was NOT interested in sharing her momma!  So the next thing I knew, she was eating dinner with Lucy Lu and part of the family – meet Nola!  Janet gave her that name because of the mask on her face – it stands for New Orleans, LA – clever, don’t you think?

Nola and Roxy (her slightly younger adopted sister) have become great playmates (or should we say, partners in crime?)  True to her calico nature, Nola has a sweet, loving disposition.  Roxy, on the other hand, has become quite the vixen – I wasn’t kidding when I said, “Here comes trouble“!  She is constantly moving and up to some kind of antics, but she and Nola really enjoy each others company.  Lucy Lu has also welcomed them both in and become a sweet surrogate momma/big sister.


So now, (including Charcoal) we have 4 cats and 4 dogs on the premises – at the present moment, anyway…..

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