“Gray Days”

View from my backyard looking towards the mountains of one of the increasingly gray days we are having.

View from my backyard looking towards the mountains of one of the increasingly gray days we are having.

Well, we are moving into the time of year that people tell me are the “gray days” – days of more clouds and less sun, until eventually (they say) every day is cloudy for about six months! (SIGH)  I knew about this time before I moved here and the good news (for me, at least) is that the temperature still stays pleasant and I am still surrounded by ocean, mountains and nature – it’s just there is no sunshine.  It is what I imagine living in Seattle to be like.

But beyond that, I’ve also had a season of “gray days” here in Ecuador.  Nothing as bad as what I experienced on my “Bad and Ugly” day a while back, but just more of the challenges of living here piled on top of each other.  Among other things, I am still in the throws of dealing with remedying my visa issue (and having to fire an incompetent attorney and hire a new one) and I’ve run into some issues with dealing with my builder on my house.  Honestly, not anything different from things that people deal with in the states, but magnified here because of my isolation from friends and family and the day to day things that just make living life here more of a challenge.

I honestly gave up a long time ago that elusive expectation of reaching a “happy place” in life that so many people spend so much time striving for (whether they consciously realize that is what they are doing or not).  I know that life is a journey with ups and downs that are to be expected (and I’m not looking to find my life in this world anyway).  I know that “this too shall pass” and “the sun will come out tomorrow.”  And as I’ve said, I will have problems wherever I live, so if I’m going to have problems, I’d rather have them living on the beach!

I know all of that – and yet, I want to honestly present all sides of my life in Ecuador and most recently, for many reasons, my life has been a continual string of “gray days”…

4 thoughts on ““Gray Days”

  1. My heart is with you. For the lady who I love and respect more than most, you will be in my prayers. Life in MX is getting more difficult also. I’m trying to become permanent and buy MX plates for my car. Life anywhere is not a piece of cake! I love it down there…I’m in Dallas until next week keeping grandkids while parents go to Cabo.   On July 1st Obama has a new law that will squeeze us more. We in MX can only get $1500 a month from our bank cards in US. I’m trying to take all I can in dollars with me each time I’m here. He wants us in the states where we can be controlled. So, pray when I get back all will go good for me, too. You also, will need all the dollars from here down there in their $. The US dollars is dying fast!   I don’t even like being in the US! I know that I know what is going to happen here. This is thanks to you 1 1/2 yrs ago telling me to read End of America. How fast things are changing here. I asked my banker months ago in MX what was going to happen to the $. She told me it was going DOWN!   I love you and miss you when I come back to visit!!!!!!   Love to you,   Deena   Yes, the rainy season is starting next month. Oh, how wonderful it is. Rains at night with wonderful lighting shows, then sunny in the day time. Our 72 mile lake that serves so many needs a good rainy season.

  2. I am thinking of you & praying for you . Things are a bit difficult here for Ken at his new job. The church is in crisis because of bad decisions made by others, the staff is demoralized, many folks have left so attendance is down by a third, and elders are suggesting to let the church die. Since we are new it is difficult to know what to do. As you note life is a struggle at anytime & any place. Makes me hang onto to Jesus with both hands.

    Love you. Jean

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  3. it will get better my friend. We all think of you often. You are right, at least on the cloudy days, you have the beach, ocean and warm weather. Enjoy and hope to see you soon

  4. Praying for God to guide you lovingly through the gray days. You are precious. Praying also for the issues with your home and visa to be resolved soon! Love you Mary.

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