Around The House

Here are some updates “around the house”:

So how many bananas can YOU buy for $3.50?

So how many bananas can YOU buy for $3.50?

The other day Ron and Janet decided to buy a whole banana cluster in the market in Jipijapa for everyone to share (their dogs love bananas too!)  Janet asked me to help her tie it up to hang and you would not believe how heavy it is!  But the main thing I wanted to show you is what $3.50 will buy you in Ecuador!

The next thing to report on is our latest adopted resident – meet Roxy II!  Ron and Janet found this cute little solid white kitten about a month ago on their walk (the very day that Roxy I was adopted out).  She was sitting on an empty sack on vacant property up on a hill.  They left her the first day they found her, but returned the next day to find her in exactly the same spot!  So needless to say she was retrieved and brought to the “compound” where she was bottle fed and given lots of love.  She quickly proved to be one of the spunkiest little things you have ever seen!  She was first called Miss Kitty, (and then briefly a few other names I can’t recall) but the other day Janet said she had so much spunk and personality and was such a “scrappy” little thing, that she had to give her the previous puppy’s name of Roxy.  I so wish you could see how this adorable little thing stands up to those big dogs – she doesn’t take anything off of them!  Most of them just ignore her, but Carly is really fascinated by her and follows her around trying to play with her and pick her up.  Roxy gives her a hiss and a swat and then turns around and prances off to play somewhere else!  She has really got catitude down cold!  (Click on any individual image to bring up the gallery and scroll through larger versions of them.)


And finally, yesterday I was riding the bus into Manta to sign some paperwork at my attorney’s office for my visa (yes, that issue is still ongoing with no end in sight) and the bus broke down right in front of Las Palmas!  I had been hoping to stop on my return trip to see the paint job I had been told had begun, so it was a perfect time to hop over and get my first glimpse of my house in color!  So here are a few pictures to give you an idea (although the lighting isn’t great, so you will just have to see it in person to really experience it!)  I had wanted each bedroom a different color theme and had each color planned out from the very beginning.  I was thrilled that what I saw on swatches actually translated into exactly what I had envisioned!  When you see the blue hammock room, picture my painting I bought seen here in it!  (By the way, my bus broke down on the way back from Manta too – such is life in Ecuador!)

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3 thoughts on “Around The House

  1. I’m so happy for you. Yes, I had 2 large banana stacks last year in my yard. They were the best bananas I have ever eaten…….and free! I gave them to so many friends.   Your house reminds me of ours in MX.   By the way I just moved myself. To a wonderful more modern home with a 5 year lease. I love it!!! One street from our 72 mile lake. I have planted flowers, etc. Looks great, but where am I at this moment….San Antonio, TX. Just crossed the over today. I will spend a few days here with my friends before going on to Dallas. This is the first time in over a year that I have driven. I would much rather fly!!!!   Sharon has gone to CA and will see her in 2 weeks. Yes, I was here 6 weeks ago and surprised her at church. We have to be more carful at our age on pulling things like that…we could stroke out!   Your so happy. I so understand it!!! Me too.   Love you,   Deena

  2. So cool! Love the new kitty. I am so excited about your house. We are still trying to find a house. It is very discouraging but so glad to be out of ND. Love you, Jean

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